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Fun Fact: this guide is almost 7000 words!

so you don't have to finish the whole thing in 1 day. bookmark this guide, take your time and study it little by little (ie. something like 20 min per day)

Ah yes... job hunting... the thing that...uhhh... does stuff and uhhh... what was job hunting again?

job hunting is the process of searching for jobs, and as jobs become more scarce and applicants more competitive, you have to get creative, think outside the box and begin hacking the system ahem optimizing the process

and that's what this guide is for... only for 9999 can this and more be yours
(that will be the last joke in this guide. probably... I hope... jk)

The job hunting process

goes something like this:
application —> interview —> offer —> job

it's like the job is a treasure and it's hidden behind gates, each with their own trials and challenges

the most hardest part is getting an interview because getting an interview means getting seen, which can be really hard since everyone needs a job and so companies get showered with applications every day and have to take time to objectively evaluate all of them... lol nah they just consider the early ones, the catchy ones or the ones that pass through to HR (through a contact in the company for example)

Before we go any deeper you need to know that all these tactics and tips are being used everyday by actual professionals, meaning, don't feel scared that by using these tactics, you may come as pushy, demanding, desperate or scammy, as these are typical and very acceptable things to do in the corporate world

How to get an interview

What to do for an interview